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COALVILLE TONICS in conjunction with SOUL TRAIN. 3rd FEB 2007
I arrived at the do about 7.45 to find quite a few people already there, Dave Eathorne was doing a good job on the decks playing a few punk classics in the main room whilst the Soul Train lads were playing classic northern soul in the other side. After getting a pint (shandy, i was driving!!) I had a wander round to see who was there, I bumped into quite a few people I'd not seen for a while and had a chat. Around 9pm the band hit the stage till about 10.30, they were an indie style band from Notts called "The Fakers" and did a mix of their own stuff with some good covers thrown in. After the band I popped round to the soul room for a bit, the dj's were banging out some top tunes. I then wandered into the pub area (no queue at the bar!) got a coke and then ended up in there for about an hour chatting, about 11.30 I decided to call it a night only to find I was locked in the pub! so I went out via the main room which was still full to the sounds of Dave banging out a bit of classic Ska. After grabbing a quick burger from the van outside I made my way home. It was a cracking do at a great venue, one to look out for in the future (and it was only 2.50) Anyway thanks to Dave and Helen for saving me a ticket and I'll see you at the next one.

DONCASTER A1s DO 17th FEB 2007
After struggling to get a minibus we decided to go for a self drive with Roger kindly offering to drive it (cheers mate!) We got to the do around 8ish to find it already in full swing. First stop was obviously the bar where there was unfortunately quite a long wait! The DJs were doing a cracking job, belting a good selection of ska, northern soul and assorted rally sounds and the Proclaimer twins were doing an equally fine job selling raffle tickets (apparently they sold 1000 tickets between them). By 9pm the place was solid as was the queue at the bar, this was overcome by getting 2 pints at once!  Anyway enough moaning, we had a cracking night anyway! Everyone was merry by the end of the night. We left the do to find a kebab shop, as we got outside we spotted Prince and Perry coming towards us, Prince with a kebab and Perry without! Guess what? Perry had suprisingly tried to nick the shops sign and got thrown out! After getting kebabs and having to stop on the M1 for smiler to take a leak we headed home, dropping everyone off on route. Thanks to Grossburger for mooning at us as he walked across codnor market, it's not the nicest of sights (grossies arse not codnor market! come to think of it codnor markets not really a great sight either!) Anyway we had another cracking night, so thanks to the lads and lasses at Doncaster for putting on a cracking do and a big thanks to Roger for driving a bus full of drunken idiots!